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Welcome to the website of the SimTRAVEL Research Group at ASU. This research group is dedicated to the development and application of new methods, databases, and tools for modeling urban systems.

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Over the past two decades, considerable research has been undertaken in various fields of inquiry (including geography, economics, engineering, computer science, urban and regional planning, anthropology, psychology, business administration, public policy, and sociology, among others) to develop models of behavior that can help characterize the dynamics and evolution of urban systems including land development patterns, human activity and travel demand, traffic flows in complex networks, and freight movements. Many of these developments are beginning to usher in a new era in urban systems modeling, an era in which patterns of behavior characterizing interactions among various agents in the urban system are simulated in the time-space continuum. New behavioral paradigms, modeling tools, database structures, computational advances, and estimation methodologies have all made it possible to move new microsimulation modeling systems into practice.

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The SimTRAVEL research group is housed in the transportation systems program of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Arizona State University in Tempe. The group has a long tradition of developing state-of-the-art methodologies and tools for transportation systems modeling and is now engaged in several cutting-edge research efforts to further advance the cause of integrated urban systems modeling using new microsimulation-based methods and tools. We hope that you will find this website useful and look forward to having you become an active partner in these research endeavors. If you have any questions, comments, requests, or suggestions, please feel free to contact us at any time.








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